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In case of released mom, Phoenix police are guilty

Don’t you think that trust is one of the most important things in life?

Trust is a necessary thing. Mistrust is always bad.

We are having a difficult time anymore finding that elusive quality of trust. We seem to have virtually no trust in our government and that’s dangerous. We don’t trust elements of our military. We don’t trust clergy with our children. We don’t even trust professional athletes to play by the rules.

But one of the most disturbing examples of mistrust is when you feel that you can’t trust the law.

Last week, arguably the most hated woman in the history of the state of Arizona, Debra Milke, was told while on death row that her murder conviction had been overturned. She’s been waiting 22 years to be executed, which shows us how effective capital punishment is, waiting to pay for the crime none of us will forget: the shooting of her 4-year-old son, Christopher.

But now we discover that the detective who interrogated her may have lied as he had done in the past in order to get a confession so we still don’t know whether she committed the crime.

But we do know who is guilty: the Phoenix Police Department.

I’m Pat McMahon.