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It’s time for Boy Scouts to open up to all boys, gay or straight

Now that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has been rightfully tossed into a porcelain convenience, have you noticed the massive effect on our armed forces?

Yeah, neither have I.

And there are gays and straight employees working side by side all across America and yes, that is only side by side. So let’s see, the last major holdouts are the National Football League, which prefers that all of its players be in denial and that other bastion of hetero-homogenousness, the Boy Scouts of America.

The initials for the organization, B.S., also represent the years of lies, deceits and cover-ups involving thousands — I said thousands — of cases of pedophilia in scouting.

Is that then an argument against gays being allowed into the organization? No! I’m talking about abuses carried out by pedophiles, like masculine, married Jerry Sandusky of Penn State.

Nobody’s asking for the Eagle award to be changed to a peacock or that a merit badge be awarded for fashion design. Just open up the Boy Scouts of America to those whose qualifications are being boys.

Just boys.

I’m Pat McMahon.