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It’s time for President Obama to turn over a new Mitt

It seems that all the news out of Washington these days has to do with some form of criticism regarding the perceived lack of compromise on the part of…everybody.

The president isn’t willing to compromise with Congress. The House won’t listen to the Senate.

The lion won’t even be seen speaking to the lamb and, with so much of the frustration being centered around the economy and whether Henny Penny was actually warning all of us about sequestration, perhaps one of the things that could be done quickly and painlessly is for Barack Obama to invite someone to the Oval Office for a series of non-partisan conversations to benefit the country.

That person: Mitt Romney.

He presented himself to the country as someone who could get the U.S. economy moving again. Well, okay Mr. President, let him. He lost the election but he’s still an American. How could he refuse?

And who’s going to say that is partisan politics?

I’m Pat McMahon.