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When it comes to generalities, only one is accurate: stupidity

Let’s start with this: I’m not easily offended.

If someone is taking personal shots at me, I rarely pay attention. If it’s intended to be humorous, all I ask is that you make it funny.

But just don’t pick on anyone because of race or nationality, because they’re underpriveleged or because of their appearance. That’s when you lose me. Even if it’s unintentional, those remarks always hurt someone.

Like the other night when a character on the CBS show “Mike and Molly” did a joke about “the drunken indians in Arizona.” Not funny.

Arizona, Oklahoma, Wyoming, it doesn’t have tribal limitations. Alcoholism is a very serious problem among native people, primarily because of the overwhelming level of poverty so many experience.

It’s not funny to make light of the morbidly obese characters “Mike and Molly” on TV.

It wasn’t funny when Joan Rivers drew a comparison between Heidi Klum and the Nazis that operated the concentration camps.

Not only are Polish jokes about intelligence not funny, they are highly inaccurate.

Irish people are not all drunks and very few Italian people have been in the mafia.

The only generality that is acceptable to me is that people who make those generalities are all stupid.

I’m Pat McMahon.