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Thanking the miracle workers of Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Saturday night, I was invited to a big formal fund-raising event and it was a great evening, mostly because it was to benefit one of my favorite manufacturing companies in the world.

It’s an organization whose business is to make miracles and it happens every day at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Not on an assembly line. Every miracle is totally unique and different. They come in different sizes and colors too but if you are among those who don’t believe that miracles actually exist, just walk through the doors of PCH in central Phoenix or the new urgent care facility in Avondale. You’ll not only become a believer, you may turn into a zealot.

Saturday night at the dinner I found myself in the company of a little girl around three or four who was born with a severely damaged heart. She’s fine now as a result of the extraordinary work done by the miracle makers at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Other children with brain tumors, infants born prematurely the size of your hand, disfigured kids; healthy now thanks to the work done at that tower on east Thomas and State Route 51.

And don’t you dare think of these kids as being God’s mistakes. God doesn’t make mistakes.

I know that because God lives at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

I’m Pat McMahon.