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Why shouldn’t we allow online gambling in Arizona?

Gov. Chris Christie is a large man who has just created a large pot of gold for New Jersey taxpayers.

This week, the popular politician signed into law on-line gambling, joining Nevada and Delaware in the enterprise that used to be illegal. It will allow eligible bettors in the state to wager on all the games available now in New Jersey casinos including blackjack, slots and poker.

And I say, “Who cares?” The answer to that question is “People who want to be in other’s business.”

Those are the same people who have debated the issue so passionately and for so long that it’s still limited to three states. Why shouldn’t the fourth be Arizona?

We have our tribal casinos. We have our state lottery, all of which were fought vociferously by those who insist on protecting us from ourselves. It’s estimated that, in the first year of operation, online gambling revenue in New Jersey alone will top $400 million. I’d like that kind of profit for our state.

Not because I like gambling personally. I don’t. I think it’s boring, but I’ll make one wager: online gaming would solve a lot of Arizona’s fiscal problems.

Want to bet?

I’m Pat McMahon.