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Taking aim at gun control criticism

Look out! Here they come!

Quick! Shoulder your guns and protect yourself from the hordes of…oh, wait those are the people with the guns and boy are they angry.

You see, on Wednesday it started all over again with the president’s recommendations about what he thinks we should do as a nation to cut down on gun violence. That cracking sound you hear is all the firearms owners listening to this and getting a collective whiplash.

But how do you know what I’m going to say? Oh, you are just waiting for another one of those left-wing liberal rants about how we should all ignore the Second Amendment.

Not from me.

I only have questions like, “What do you use a magazine for that shoots 30 bullets in a few seconds other than killing people?” and “If I need a background check at a gun store, why not everywhere?”

A surprising number of Americans reject all gun legislation because they feel they must arm themselves against the United States government. If I felt that way, I think I’d move to Australia.

But you may not want to. Australia has some of the strictest gun laws in the world.

And I thought they were just like us.

I’m Pat McMahon.