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There’s not a chance in Hell anything changes in America

We’ve all heard voices raised across this country that something has to be done about gun violence in America.

The cry has never been clearer than now since the loss of the Sandy Hook children. The subject is so important, the need for some kind of action so urgent, that Vice President Joe Biden sat down with the National Rifle Association and other gun owner groups on Thursday to attempt to find some solutions. The vice president even presented a letter signed by over a hundred scientists from virtually every major U.S. university asking that greater efforts be made to limit gun violence.

Many in America are wondering today if this is the beginning of a move toward greater firearms safety. If I may offer my opinion, there’s not a chance in Hell that anything substantive will change.

That’s how powerful the gun lobby is with their influence on lawmakers. But they’re not alone. The pharmaceutical industry may be even more powerful and then there’s the criminals on Wall Street who have never gone to trial.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the United States Congress! The best that money can buy!