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I’m getting pretty tired of the war on weed

The latest news about reefer madness and weed whackos running amok like zombies in a Cheetos factory was “Arizona teens obtain marijuana from holders of medical possession cards.”


Now, when was the last story that got this kind of coverage that dealt with an over 21 drinker buying a beer for a teen at a convenience store? Or mom and dad pouring a glass of wine for junior at a family dinner? Those are illegal, too, but not newsworthy.

Would that be because there’s a difference between pot and alcohol? You bet!

Alcohol kills. Marijuana doesn’t. Everyone knows a mean drunk that picks fights. Smoke a joint and fall in love with the world.

By the way, it should be noted that the news story about medical marijuana card holders sharing their stash was actually about 2 percent of teen users. Seventy-two percent reported their source was friends and 14 percent got it from family.

I’m not a user, but I am a citizen of the 21st century who is getting really tired of disproportionate attention given to the war on weed.

I’m Pat McMahon.