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When it comes to Sandy response, Congress is dead last

I rarely get angry at our congressional representatives in the House and Senate. What good would it do?

But I’m making an exception right now.

How dare they wait until the new Congress is sworn in to vote on the whole aid package for the East Coast victims of Hurricane Sandy.

If some of you think it’s just another expenditure that we can’t afford, then you’ve never watched your house float away while first responders are taking you by boat to a shelter. You’ve never watched your entire neighborhood burn to the ground. You don’t feel there’s any emergency, any urgency to help the residents of New Jersey alone, where 72,000 homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed and another 305,000 in New York?

If Congress passes the full $60 billion aid bill next week, they’re still too late. They’re last responders.

For those who believe that government should stay out of everything except defending our country, then let’s consider Sandy an enemy that attacked our Eastern seaboard.

Or did Grover Norquist get pledges against that too?

I’m Pat McMahon