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Can’t death for fun turn into death for real?

You must have noticed by now that when any news event takes place involving a shocking loss of life, the experts come out of the woodwork.

Total strangers are introduced to the world so they can tell us, with absolute authority, why something happened and what to do about it — it’s guns, it’s a lack of discipline at home, it’s global warming.

Well, I’m not an expert on anything, but I do have an opinion about the effect of something in our society that has changed dramatically over the last few years.

I’m talking about graphic violence for entertainment.

It wasn’t that long ago film and television censorship was focused on both sexuality and violence. I’m not a big fan of bureaucratic censorship, but, while performance arts have become more sexually liberated, there seems to be no limit on blood letting.

Decapitations, dismemberments and torture are not only standard fare on TV, movies and video games, close-ups of all of them seem to be an obligation.

And after a while, don’t you think that death for fun, could be confused with death for real?

I’m Pat McMahon.