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It’s time for America to grow up when it comes to gun control

It happened in Newtown, but it is the same old country.

Madman enters public place with weapons. Countless shots fired. Carnage. The shooter was a shy, quiet person who was not known by many. The primary crime weapon is said to have been some kind of high-powered rifle.

It all seems so familiar — like a dirty-joke that keeps getting repeated — only this time there is a big difference: 20 of the bodies belonged to babies who, when they woke up last Friday morning, still believed in Santa Claus and only a short time before a few had, no doubt, found a surprise from the tooth fairy.

Not one of them had an enemy, yet they were shot to death and the shooter — that’s how I will refer to him rather than dignify him with a name — the shooter didn’t buy his weapons from a shop or a gun show. He took them from his mother after he killed her.

Now there will be another hostile debate concerning what we should do about guns. Many want to ban weapons with extended magazines. Others say that’s the first step to the government confiscating all firearms.

To that, I say, grow up. There are 20 citizens of Newtown, Conn. that never will.

I’m Pat McMahon.