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Bieber murder plot is deeper than the letters

Who the hell would want to kill Justin Bieber?

Stop that! I didn’t ask for a show of hands and, hearing “Baby Baby” again is not a justification for murder. This is serious.

Dana Martin, an imprisoned man incarcerated in New Mexico, recently told authorities that he had persuaded two men to kill Bieber and his bodyguard. You may be curious what egregious, unforgivable act the super-star recording artist could have been guilty of to evoke that kind of violent plot against his life.

We are told that Martin explained he was angry at Bieber for “not responding to his fan letters.” Now I understand that kind of rage. I feel it every day directed at Psy for loosing the dreaded “Gangnam Style” dance on the world, but would never revert to murder.

The convict obviously has strong feelings about Bieber beyond the music. He has a tatoo of the singer on his leg.

So the next time you and the family are watching “American Idol,” be careful what you wish for.

I’m Pat McMahon.