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Michigan now right-to-work, what state is next?

I never thought I would see it happen in my lifetime.

I live in a right-to-work state, Arizona, but Michigan? Yes, Michigan — birthplace of the United Auto Workers — on Tuesday signed into law right-to-work legislation, becoming the 24th state to do so.

Almost half of the United States has decided to allow workers to decide whether or not they want to join a union. That seems to be a fundamental freedom of choice issue, doesn’t it?

Well, you have freedom of choice in non-right-to-work unionized states. The choice is join the union, pay dues or don’t work.

Many years ago, industrial management took advantage of labor with one-sided and absolute power. Unions were created to represent workers with the concept of strength in numbers and it worked, until the power of the unions became absolute and all too often evolved into corruption.

And as organized labor begins to fade, one can only wonder what state is next to demand the right to work.

I’m Pat McMahon.