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Coalition brings a little sanity to immigration in Arizona

Hey, get this, Arizona!

There were sane people at the office last week talking about immigration and you’re not going to believe this: There were liberals and conservatives, men and women, Latinos and Anglos in this group and they were all being sane toward one another and the subject.

In fact that’s the project name they’ve taken, SANE. The group calls itself “the Real Arizona Coalition” and they are approaching this most complex and volatile subject, well, sanely!

Ever wonder why California, New Mexico and Texas don’t seem to have the border-crossing problems Arizona has, with all the national image stories that go with them?

The coalition recognized Mexico as our state’s largest trading partner and is committed to securing the border while stimulating that business relationship. They are pursuing practical, workable methods of dealing with the reality of 11 million undocumented people living here now. They also recognize the absolute necessity for dramatic changes in our country’s fractured — and often stupid — immigration system.

Keep watching this Real Arizona Coalition. They’re beginning to sound sane!

I’m Pat McMahon.