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Nuclear attack? I’m more nervous about nerve gas

When I read about Iran and North Korea attempting to become part of the nuclear weapons family, I must admit, while I’m cautious, it doesn’t strike terror into my heart.

Even with help, the development of a workable bomb is extraordinarily difficult and the delivery even more so.

That’s not true of nerve gas.

This week’s news regarding Syria’s government arming munitions with nerve gas is a nightmare. If the Syrian military is ordered by President Assad to use this weapon against the Syrian people, it will be a new and instant kind of genocide.

Remember in 1995 when that Japanese religious cult released a small amount of sarin nerve gas in a Tokyo subway? It killed 13 people and injured 1,000. It kills when it comes in contact with the skin or is inhaled.

In the Army — those of us who were basic trainees — were told if we were subjected to a nerve gas attack we might have minutes to live.

The Syrian people are in grave danger if it’s used, and so are we if American troops try to stop it.

I’m Pat McMahon.