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Charter school chicanery and unemployment insurance

(Grand Canyon Institute Photo)

The Grand Canyon Institute is an independent centrist think tank that does research on issues of public policy.

Our guest is the GCI’s research director, David Wells.

We discuss several recent GCI research projects that have dealt with aspects of charter schools in Arizona.

Charter schools operate with public money. What they are, how they operate, and how they spend public funds are, therefore, a legitimate matter of public interest.

In particular, the GCI has explored the extent to which these schools are underregulated and how some have engaged in related-party transactions with for-profit organizations (that would be illegal for traditional public schools).

We also discuss what we know about the outcomes such schools are achieving (hint: they are a mixed bag).

In our final section, we discuss the GCI’s research on the subject of unemployment insurance and the extent to which Arizona has lagged its regional peers in providing unemployment benefits.

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