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NFL player’s suicide leaves questions

I’ll never understand suicide.

I suppose if we did, not so many people would attempt it. Somehow the motivation is a little clearer if it’s an inexperienced adolescent constantly harassed and bullied for being gay or fat or just different.

You and I both know suicide isn’t a solution for anything, but we’re grown-ups.

So why do grown-ups kill themselves? Why did successful Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher kill his girlfriend and then end his own life on Saturday?

This wasn’t some NFL reject watching his career fade sitting on the bench. He’d had a well-paid four years in professional football, the last two as a starter. He was a success in a glamorous field.

Can we blame this on a concussion or domestic stresses? Will we ever know? Will we ever be able to look inside the minds of soldiers and understand why they would kill themselves in greater numbers than at any time in our military history?

I pray to God we find an answer for all those tortured souls and for us.

I’m Pat McMahon.