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Did you watch the VP debate? That’s all I want to know

OK, I’ll start with the question you’re going to be asked all day.

“Did you watch the vice presidential debate last night?”

Good! Because that’s really all I want to know.

I think your opinion as to who won is the same kind of call judges at boxing matches must raise. Who was the most effective puncher? Whose style was most valuable in a decision, and so on. Short of a knockout, it’s not a very good way to judge any kind of competition.

Thursday night, there were two politicians who I really wonder what it would be like if they were President of the United States, and short of some tragedy that no rational person wants, they probably won’t be.

Without reflecting on the content of either of their presentations, I couldn’t help thinking that I was watching a strange political discussion telecast from Mayberry between Opie and a rejected former boyfriend of Aunt Bea. You know, the one that was never invited to family dinners.

Well, if this didn’t seal your vote, there’s always the next Obama-Romney debate.

Maybe this time they’ll both show up!

I’m Pat McMahon.