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Bad Luck Tommy Horne just can’t win

Have you ever known someone who just never seemed to have anything but bad luck?

You know, the kind of guy who always carries around his own black rain cloud? He bends over to pluck a four-leaf clover and it turns out to be poison ivy, rainbows over his house are grey.

Some people are just unlucky, and at the top of my list is Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne.

Now, I don’t think all the trouble he’s in these days is a matter of luck. Horne is accused of a lot of complicated political funding violations and personal involvement with the direction of what was supposed to be independent expenditures. I’m not even talking about the smarmy talk about the very personal relationship that Horne was said to have had with a couple of employees.

C’mon, he had been the head of Arizona’s school system, but now that he’s Arizona’s top cop, his unluckiest moment may have been the fender bender he is said to have driven away from on his way to a lady’s apartment.

How do we know? Haven’t we all wondered if anybody noticed when we did something like that? But our Bad Luck Tommy was being watched by the FBI.

That’s bad luck.

I’m Pat McMahon.