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Reflecting on what matters in the election

Thursday’s presidential debate is still a hot item wherever there is conversation, but the steam will soon be out of that topic.

Then the world can move on to the subjects that really matter, like which of the new Idol judges will have to be frisked for concealed weapons first: Nicki Minaj or Mariah Carey.

The water cooler talk will be gone by Monday because so many, all over the political spectrum, agreed Mitt Romney was by far the more impressive participant. He exceeded everybody’s expectations because he didn’t look like the guy on the wedding cake.

And next time, somebody better slip Obama a six-pack of Red Bull.

Next, it’s the vice presidential candidates going at it and then a couple more with Romney and the president. But you know what? Thursday night, as the candidates were verbally wrestling over the nuances of U.S. tax law, I admit I did drift off.

Actually it was more like a coma.

And while this tsunami of numbers melded into something akin to a digital dialtone, I saw the two figures for what they were: A black man and a Mormon running for President of the United States.

And I thought “good for us.”

I’m Pat McMahon.