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Quality in the debate? That’s debatable

I’m not going to ask you who you thought won last night’s presidential debate.

I’d just like to know if you would invite either of them over to your house for dinner and a little conversation.

By a little conversation, I mean that you would have to agree that no one else in the family would get to say anything. Moderator Jim Lehrer was struggling so hard to gain some degree of control he looked like one of the NFL replacement refs.

So, with the long wind that blew through Denver last night, did you learn anything from either candidate? Amidst all the numbers and promises and denials that were exchanged, I did arrive at a couple of conclusions: Romney did not appear, as he has so often in the past, like a likable guy in the movies who lost the girl to the smoothie. He maintained direct eye contact with the president throughout and was aggressive. Obama, meanwhile, spent too much time passively looking at his notes.

And I spent an hour and a half reminiscing about Reagan and Clinton.

I’m Pat McMahon.