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Pennsylvania wins … I think?

Pennsylvania, home of William Penn, the Liberty Bell and Tasty Cakes does something else positive.

Tuesday, a judge blocked his state from requiring voters to show photo identification to participate in November’s election.

When this first became an issue, my thought was simply, “Why wouldn’t anyone be willing to show proof of who they are before exercising such a precious right as voting?”

Then, I got a couple of answers.

First, the extraordinary difficulty of so many of the elderly, the infirm and non-drivers to get something as basic as a picture ID. Some were asked for originals of their birth certificates.

One of the most damaging arguments against the whole concept is a history of absolutely no need. In other words, in Pennsylvania alone, according to court testimony, the state has never seen a case of in-person voter fraud.

Nationally, the instances have been microscopic. So if the problem doesn’t exist, why this voter-ID effort now?

Makes one wonder, doesn’t it?

I’m Pat McMahon.