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A simple way for Sheriff Arpaio to get my vote

Dear Sheriff Joe,

First of all, I always find it interesting that any of us can address a county sheriff by his first name and people around the world know who we mean.

That point aside, I wonder if you truly value every vote you might get in this next election. If you do, then let me tell you what would cause me to consider voting for you to return to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in November.

So far, I know you care about kids and dogs. You tell me that perpetually on your TV spots. I know you can afford all that expensive television time because you’ve been able to acquire millions of dollars in campaign funds. I’m fine with that.

Supporters have every right in the world to write a check to someone they admire. It’s like passing the collection basket in church. But Joe, being against deadbeat dads and animal abuse doesn’t exactly set you apart from the rest of humanity.

What would impress me, and perhaps get my vote, would be if you aggressively investigated all those sex crimes that have been waiting for attention since 2005.

Is your office’s seeming lack of interest due to no dogs being involved?

I’m Pat McMahon.