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Sick truth about the Sikh temple shooter

Let’s do a little comparison analysis here, okay?

Wade Michael Page of Oak Creek, Wisconsin, spent much of his 40 years hating. He didn’t necessarily know who he hated or specifically why, but perhaps that’s why he has been described as a frustrated neo-Nazi who allegedly led a racist white supremacist rock band called Definite Hate.

Sunday he stopped singing and began shooting.

According to witnesses, he walked into the Sikh temple in a Milwaukee suburb and, without saying a word, opened fire, killing six members of the congregation and critically wounding three others, including a police officer. Another officer killed Wade Michael Page.

Now, let’s compare the assailant with his victims.

I told you about him, but who are these Sikh people? They are the members of our community often dressed in white. The men wear turbans and as a part of their 500-year-old faith, do not cut their hair or shave. What they do is emphasize the value of hard work and charity and express passionate loyalty to the country their living in.

Some mistakenly think Sikhs are Muslims. Some may have mistaken Wade Michael Page for a human being.

Both concepts are clearly wrong.

I’m Pat McMahon.