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Top observations from President Trump’s rally in Phoenix

President Donald Trump arrives to speak at a campaign rally at Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2020, in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

President Donald Trump took the stage to speak in front of thousands of supporters Wednesday night at Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum. He touched on a lot of topics, acknowledged many people and brought energy to the crowd.

These were my top observations of the evening.

1) One of the biggest moments was when the President turned the microphone over to Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey. The governor assured the president that Arizona would remain Red by re-electing him and Vice President Mike Pence and Republican Sen. Martha McSally. It was a big moment for the governor on a national stage. Ducey showed an ability to energize the crowd.

President Trump then left no doubt about his support for McSally, calling her to the stage to speak. McSally told the president that she is introducing a bill that will reduce prescription drug prices.

Those moments show how important Arizona is for him and the Republican Party in 2020. Trump needs Arizona and Arizona Republican candidates need Trump.

2) The president highlighted the accomplishments of his first term at the rally. President Trump talked about the economy early on in his speech. Saying, “we are in the midst of the great American come back.”

He talked about adding 225,000 new jobs last month. Much higher than the predictions. Adding 7 million new jobs since WE were elected. (Emphasizing “we”). He added that we have set 144 records with the Dow Jones.

He said that Arizona has had its best year economically in its history. Mocking the idea of replacing a president when the economy is so good. Listing the lowest unemployment rate across all demographics. People usually vote with their wallets. This economy will be the key to his reelection.

3) The President talked about energy independence and renegotiated trade deals. Approving both oil pipelines, renegotiating the WTO, NAFTA into the USMCA and the new trade deal with China. This is a key in swing states whose economies rely on energy and manufacturing jobs. There were over 200 Congressional Districts in 2016 that voted for Trump that had twice before voted for President Barack Obama. I believe those districts flipped because Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton promised to destroy the coal and oil industries while Trump promised to bring back those jobs to America.

With huge job and wage increases in those states, President Trump is counting on winning those districts again with a message of “promises made, promises kept.”

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