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Let’s see — there’s Monty Python and actor Monty Wooley and even Three-card Monte.

But for the rest of my life, the Monty that has risen to the top, the Monty that has meant the most to me personally is Monty Stoller.

You know, the one you’ve heard for years on the radio with me introducing himself as Monty from Ky-Ko Roofing.

I can’t come close to doing it the way Monty did and now, never will again. You may have heard we all lost this remarkable Valley businessman last week as even a heart as large as his can’t last forever.

This son of Glasgow, Scotland, wasn’t always in the roofing business. As a young baritone, he traveled extensively in the UK singing some of the greatest roles in musical theater. And while his career changed, his love of singing never did. With only the slightest encouragement, he would break into a Bobby Burns ballad about the heather of his homeland or the Star-Spangled Banner of his American home.

If you would like to pay your respects, call Ky-Ko Roofing at (602) 944-4600. His friends and family and I would just like you to know him as we did.

The total, the complete…yes, he was the full Monty.

I’m Pat McMahon.