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Justice Denied

How ironic that all those bug eradication companies have a chemical or substance of some kind that will get rid of even the most loathsome of creatures, but the federal court can’t take John Edwards out of our lives.

Yesterday, as I’m sure you’ve heard, his campaign finance fraud case ended in mistrial as the jurors acquitted him on one charge and were unable to come to a decision on the other five. The jury was hung and so was the expression of disappointment on my face when I heard the news.

Do I think it was a miscarriage of justice? Absolutely not. I wasn’t in the courtroom, but I will allow myself the belief that the prosecution didn’t successfully prove that this former this former senator, this former presidential candidate, spent huge sums of campaign money to hide a sordid affair with whom he later had a child.

No, for me, it’s the moral nausea I feel when I recall his terminally ill wife, the lies, his children, the voters who believed in him.

Please, just hand me the Raid.

I’m Pat McMahon.