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What did J.T. Ready have in common with Adolf Hitler? They both committed suicide.

No matter what Ready thought, that’s about it.

The consummate symbol of evil, Hitler conquered much of central Europe and through his merciless power and absence of conscience, he was personally responsible for millions of deaths in the camps and on the battlefields. He was history’s most famous sociopath.

Ready apparently, sadly was responsible in Gilbert, Arizona for dour deaths, including an infant, before taking his own life. And those killings will be all that he’ll be remembered for.

He attempted to run for public office several times in laughably shabby campaigns. He was a loser as a Marine and even less impressive as a civilian. He was asked to leave the Republican Party, so he sought power by donning the uniform of a wannabe patriot.

A self-proclaimed protector of all of us from all of them — the invaders — the Mexicans and the Jews and all the rest of the people who terrified him and all the rest of the grown-up little boys pathetically playing soldier.

I’m Pat McMahon.