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Dear God:

This is Pat and I’m sure you know I’ve never said a prayer to you about a sports team. I mean, the other side would be praying for their team and you would be under a great deal of stress.

No, this is about the Phoenix Coyotes, but I’m certainly not asking for you to help them win the Stanley Cup — unless, of course, you’d really like to.

I just want to call your attention to what they’ve been through the last few years. They might prefer a plague of locusts compared with not knowing where you’ll be playing from one season to the next. They haven’t even known what country. Yet, look what they’ve done. That’s the kind of character you admire isn’t, God?

I hope that’s what you’re sending us in the possible new owner, this Greg Jamison who used to be with the San Jose Sharks. If all goes well, we can get the team back from the NHL and plan for the future.

Oh, if I may, one more thing, God. If the Goldwater Institute gets involved, would you ask Barry Goldwater what he would do?

It may have something to do with lightning.

I’m Pat McMahon.