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Monterrey Massacre

Let’s not waste time, OK?

Everybody who writes in defense of Mexico — visiting there, safety, belief that the violence is limited and a media exaggeration — you might as well leave now. I continue to hear you minimize the treachery and horror that the Mexican people are experiencing — the population of Mexico and not just the people who are in the drug business.

Yes, there are safe, peaceful areas of Afghanistan and Somalia but you know what? Neither of those two areas had 49 headless, footless, handless bodies dumped on one of their highways. That’s what happened just last week in Monterrey, one of Mexico’s most affluent cities.

There were more of the same kinds of atrocities at the same time in other states — mostly in the north — that were just south of us.

Are you truly convinced that, because you haven’t had troubles when you visited Rocky Point, that neutralizes the 50,000 Mexican murders since 2006?

Mexico votes for new leadership July 1. I hope Washington notices that there is another election taking place before November.

It may be a matter of life and death.

I’m Pat McMahon.