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Fire Crackers

Have you noticed how different the sky looks these days?

The filter you’re seeing is smoke converging on the Valley from the Gladiator and Sunflower fires still burning to the north and east of us here in metro Phoenix.

It’s only the middle of May and with just a few 100-degree days, we already are suffering wildfires. All the alerts are already going out about campfire safety, the careless discarding of cigarettes and flammables — all the things we’re reminded about every year.

A few days ago, I even heard a cautionary announcement warning us about vehicles ragging chains in the highway possibly creating a spark. Yes, just one spark can be incendiary.

So, state legislators, now that your grueling session is over and you have the time to watch things like this on television, perhaps you can at last answer the question I’ve been asking repetitively:

Since Arizona is a dangerously dry state, when you legalized fireworks last year, what the hell were you thinking?

I’m Pat McMahon.