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Combat Equality

I think one of the worst things about being the President of the United States or a high-ranking military leader would be having to send young men into combat and potentially life-threatening situation.

It must be hell knowing that you can predict, with accuracy, a specific body count. As long as there’s been war, reality states a certain number of young men would not return.

And now that will be true of young women.

Female soldiers are this week being moved, for the first time, into once all-male Army units. Thousands of jobs will now be available to females who had to deal with gender restrictions that had been in place since the military began.

There is also serious consideration being given to accepting women into the elite U.S. Army Rangers. And why not? Female soldiers have struggled for promotion because the criteria has been different.

The right to fight and even die for your country shouldn’t be a hormonal thing. We’ll all be better served by having our country protected by a band of brother and sisters.

I’m Pat McMahon.