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Stretch Marks

It just never goes away, does it?

Just when Arizona was losing its place as the birther center of the world, competing only with the Octomom’s delivery room, a public official does it again. Secretary of State Ken Bennett has been sending inquiries to Hawaiian officials requesting more proof of president Barack Obama’s birth there.

Tea Party people — Joe Arpaio — now Arizona’s Secretary of State, next in succession for the governorship. You can’t make this stuff up.

If some birth conspiracy story was on the front page of a supermarket tabloid, it would be laughable and then dismissed by all but a few lonely souls.

But no! Some of these people are elected leaders. Ken Bennett minimizes his role in this absurd, clown college fiasco by saying, while he believes that the president is not foreign-born, he has an obligation to respond to the request of a constituent.

OK, Mr. Secretary. I’m a constituent. Answer this. When you were on your LDS mission in southern Japan, were you or were you not captured by a band of Shinto priests cryogenically frozen and replaced by a highly- sophisticated Ken Bennett robot that could be our next governor or would that be redundant?

Just asking.

I’m Pat McMahon.