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So did you have a happy Memorial Day?

That’s always sounded peculiar to me. By the very nature
of what the Memorial Day holiday is supposed to signify,
happiness isn’t part of the equation.

Now, this is in no way intended to lay a guilt trip at the
doorway of those who had a pool party or took in a ball
game. I enjoyed the long weekend, too.

But it was also an easy time for me to remember those in
my family who served our country — some who didn’t

My father-in-law, Marine Sgt. Bernard Boyer, was in World
War II and Korea and he did come back. I’m glad for him
and I’m glad because he returned to have a daughter and I
married her. Bernie and his bride were together at the
National Cemetery of Arizona and they were honored Monday
in ceremonies they shared with 65,000 other residents

If you couldn’t make it yesterday, visit some other time.
You’ll always be welcome, you know, just look for the

I’m Pat McMahon.