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Dressing down

It seems for as long as I can remember, Phoenix, in
particular, has taken it on the chin when it comes to
virtually any survey ranking of the U.S. in any category.

We have been called one of the unfriendliest cities in
America — a bad place to do business.

I totally disagree with all of that, but now comes one of
the sappiest of all — Travel + Leisure magazine’s
website ranks us as one of the worst-dressed cities in
America. They use the bolo tie as an example.

In London, New York, Chicago and San Francisco, a suit is
a must for virtually every businessman. Fine. That’s their
uniform and everybody here has the choice to wear one or

The casual look of Phoenix fashion for men and women has
to do with freedom and common sense. We dress for the
climate and comfort. That’s what they do in Hawaii, Miami
and Phoenix.

Or would Travel + Leisure perhaps prefer the
Cleveland look?

I’m Pat McMahon.