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McMahon: Choose

I try not to second guess professionals. If it’s a close call in a game, I’ll assume the official knew what he was doing.

I didn’t go to law school so if I don’t understand a controversial legal decision, I’m inclined to accept the concept that the lawyers involved are closer to the case than I am.

And if its decisions made in the White House – well one can only imagine the layers of information involved there. But for the life of me, I can’t understand what it is about this civil war in Libya that allows us to join other allies in what appears to me to be military interference.

If the fighter planes and the rockets and the bombs save lives – that’s good. If a tyrant like Gadaffi is overthrown by the will of the people – that’s good. But how did we choose this revolution against this dictator in this country?

World leaders have said they cannot stand by and watch a barbaric despot murder and maim his own people. So why did we choose Gadaffi in Libya and ignore the savage killings that have gone on for years in the Congo? It’s worth asking.