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McMahon: Star Ball

His name is Jimmer. Yes, I said Jimmer. Don’t ask.

It’s a family thing. He’s from New York. The Bronx? No. Glen Falls. Playground ball? No. Driveway of his suburban home to start and in his later years — like around eight — he began playing against adults in games arranged by his investment counselor father. Does any of this sound like the biography of the leading scorer in college basketball?

No, wait. It gets better. Jimmer Fredette scored 34 points Saturday night against a very good Gonzaga team. He’s 6-foot-2, he’s white and he’s a Mormon. He and his Brigham Young University teammates are in the sweet 16 of the NCAA basketball tournament and play the University of Florida Thursday night.

BYU got this fall in spite of losing its best rebounder. To injury? Not in this story — he was dismissed for breaking the BYU honor code for having pre-marital sex.

The basketball world is watching Jimmer Fredette like no one since Pete Maravich. How can the Jimmer legend get any more unreal? BYU wins the tournament, Jimmer is drafted No. 1, is offered millions by an NBA team, but instead leaves on a Mormon mission to Bosnia. It could happen!