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McMahon: Nukes

Anybody remember the 1979 movie “The China Syndrome”?

Jack Lemmon and Jane Fonda facing a near melt-down at a nuclear power plant. Pretty good flick but have you ever wondered what the title means.

“The China Syndrome” was an early theory that if a nuclear plant ever got completely out of control, the radioactive material that would be released from the containment area would melt its way through the earth, all the way to China.

Of course, science has clearly labeled that as great for a suspense movie but in real life – nonsense! Not at 3 Mile Island – not a Chernobyl, not at Palo Verde and not today in Japan.

Please keep in mind the Japanese do know a great deal about what radiation does to humanity. As a result of their catastrophic earthquake and tsunami there will soon be a national cry to stop all nuclear power plant construction in the U.S.

Should we simply ignore the fact that France gets 85 percent of its power from nuclear and has been for more than 50 years. The French power plants cost a fraction of ours because they are all the same while ours are custom tailored in design. So vive I say to France and vive le nuke!