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McMahon: It’s A Gamble

Now this is a perfect example of my sticking my nose into a lot of business that shouldn’t concern me.

I’m sure the people of Glendale will feel that way because I’ve never lived there.

I have no doubt that more of you would mistake me for a member of any Native American tribe.

And I just don’t gamble. It’s not a moral thing with me. I just don’t find it entertaining. Besides I always lose.

So last Thursday a U.S. district judge ruled that the Interior Department was correct in allowing that the Tohono O’Odham had a right to consider 54 acres of Glendale to be a part of their reservation.

It’s all a result of a very complicated trade between the tribe and the government.

If it all goes through, the tribe wants to build a casino.

My position is after football, hockey and spring training seasons, why do people come to Glendale for entertainment? Even if the city doesn’t profit directly from gaming money, it’s a year-round attraction.

Ask the other cities in the Valley if they want to give up their casinos, and then wake up and smell the money.