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McMahon: Always 18

Vincent Damon Furnier in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? That would never happen.

A band called the Earwigs or the Spiders. Nope. All insect names were made obsolete by the Beatles.

Ah, but Alice Cooper – now that’s a name for the ages – and perhaps for that Hall of Fame too because Alice Cooper has just been nominated.

Vince did use those other names all the way through Cortez High School in Phoenix, but it was when the five guys put on dresses and called the band Alice Cooper it all began to happen.

The music was always good, but it was Alice, now his legal name, and his sense of theater that made that act different from anybody else in the rock ‘n roll business.

Guillotines & magic & monsters & beautiful dancers – in the 70’s nobody had ever seen anything like it. But no other rock performer had idols like Groucho Marx, Boris Karloff and Johnny Carson either.

I’m proud of his friendship, his sense of family with his wife Sheryl and Calico, Dash & Sonora. I envy his golf game. I admire his Solid Rock Foundation for troubled kids. I respect his faith.

And even though schools out when the votes are in, I want Alice Cooper in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

As for the rest of us, we’re not worthy.