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McMahon: R and D

You know the difference between a conservative Republican and a Democrat? One is alive and the other is a Democrat.

You should see the emails I get every day at my office. Ninety percent are promoting some conservative issue or candidate and the other 10 percent are from liberals whimpering because their feelings are hurt. They should be weepy. They’re getting their butts handed to them by a party who was so far behind a couple of years ago, Dartmouth wouldn’t have scheduled them for a football game.

After the last election, the Democrats had all the votes and all the power. They owned the Senate, the House and the Presidency. They were following eight years of a generally unpopular chief executive.

With that kind of hand in Vegas, you would own the casino. In Washington, they’ve continued to pull the pin and hold onto the grenade. The Democrats are getting less attention than the tea party people, who are currently running candidates who should keep away from microphones and keep up their medication. If we’re going to have a two-party system, someone has to keep the Dems away from the pilot-eject button.