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McMahon: Eddie’s Back

All too often, these commentaries are about disappointing, negative things that need to be fixed. Well, get ready Arizona, because this message is about none of these things. Rather, it’s a love letter to a guy– a fellow you probably care a great deal about, too! Eddie Basha.

Did you see the big two-page spread in Sunday’s paper congratulating Eddie, his 8000 employees and his family of grocery stores on bouncing back from bankruptcy? Now, these days, that alone would be big news but to have a huge number of community leaders celebrate publicly about it, well, that’s unique.

But so is Eddie. He insists on paying back all his creditors in full, with interest. That’s the kind of guy he is. That’s the way the Basha family has been for four generations in Arizona. That’s the kind of character that no doubt, made him an unsuccessful candidate for governor. He just wasn’t cut out to be a politician. I sure am happy he’s going to continue to be what he was meant to be — Eddie Basha, my hometown grocer.