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McMahon: De-Merits

I think I may throw up. I keep asking the question, `Who can we trust?’ Any of us – trusting anyone. Our leaders locally and nationally, law enforcement officials, the people who make our medicines and our cars, our bankers and investment advisors, high ranking members of the military — all of whom show up in the news as untrustworthy.

All the while, the pope visits the United Kingdom facing the reality of thousands marching in the streets of London to protest the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests. And we all thought that was as bad as it could be. A Catholic child is born into the church and the family chooses where that child should go to school but education is obligatory.

Joining the Boy Scouts is a choice a young fellow makes simply because he’s interested in the outdoors and activities. You’re not supposed to be offered a merit badge for “touch me there.” The Boy Scouts of America has been rocked by a scandalous number of incidents of pedophilia by scoutmasters and other volunteers. Yet, thousands of files detailing these vile actions since the 1920’s are still locked away from public scrutiny by scouting’s national leadership. One lawyer says the files are the “largest reservoir of information ever gathered on the sexual abuse of boys in the United States.” But no one has access.

Boy scouts learn to tie knots. Mine are currently in my stomach.