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McMahon: I Believe

The United States of America is not a Christian nation. Thank God! Yes, there are more Christians in our population than any other religion and much of our legal foundation is based on Judeo-Christian principles. But America is not a Christian nation. Thank God.

By that I mean, no matter how many declared members of any faith nor how many members of that faith were or were not represented among the creators of the Constitution, this country has no governmentally imposed official religion. Thank God.

Islam is exactly that in many countries and in those countries, to one degree or another, females are neither equal nor valued as complete human beings. In all too many of those officially Muslim countries, women have few rights and little or no education. Creativity, economic opportunity, every facet of daily life exists for everyone in the shadow of the countries’ imposition of the state religion.

And if you think that kind of spiritual bondage only applies to Islamic countries — oh no! Regardless of the emerging economy of India, the caste system of the Hindus creates a level of poverty that is inconceivable in the west. While Hinduism isn’t official, it is so dominant, sacred cattle wander thru the New Delhi International Airport and it is relatively common for newborn females to be killed.

The crimes and atrocities in the name of some national religions continue. But America has no national religion. And I say again — thank God.