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McMahon:Burned up

Hey Terry, Terry Jones. Please notice that I have neglected to include the title Rev. Terry Jones, for what I’m sure are obvious reasons. Listen, you and your congregation of 50 or so down in Gainesville, Fla., can say whatever you want about Islam. Preaching against it is apparently the reason for the existence of your Pentecostal Dove World Outreach Center.

But, ever since you decided you wanted to be a religious figure, recognized around the world by burning the Quran on Sept. 11, your wish has been granted. Religious leaders from Evangelicals, to Roman Catholics, to Jews and of course Muslims have been outraged by your plan. Gen. David Petraeus warned it would incite violence. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recognized it for the outrage it is. Oh, and we got an email from Jesus saying it’s nothing he would do.

So, Terry, keep your anti-Muslim preaching in the pulpit. And if you insist on burning things, do it inside your Dove World Outreach Center and when that’s all gone, go back to your day job as an ebay furniture salesman.