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Jet Blues

Through all the trials and tribulations we have all faced this election year, until this week, it appeared that no one — no Republican, no Democrat, no Libertarian, not even one Tea Party Independent — could excite the voting public enough that anyone could say truly, a star is born and we will follow him.

Steven Slater of Jet Blue Airlines has instantly ignited a fire beneath what had been a blasé, indifferent America. There are Steven Slater Facebook features, countless blogs, t-shirts and slogans created overnight and an infinite amount of media coverage. And all of it, as a result of his accomplishments.

Let’s see. He got mad at a passenger on a flight on which he was a flight attendant, he used profanities on the plane’s P.A. system, he illegally released the escape chute and exited through a secure area. Now, that’s a resume. He’s even got the support of the Flight Attendants Union, to which he doesn’t belong. This is a candidate who could win any race, unless he’s running against Joe the Plumber.