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McMahon: Big Ben

Look. Will somebody give Ben Quayle a little slack? The district 3 congressional race is his first try at public office. His dad took four years of continuing crap as Vice President but Ben just got started, and look at what’s happening.

Sure, he looks like the guy on the 2nd riser in “Glee” but he can’t help that. Suddenly, there’s this big non-story about him being one of the founding creative forces behind a dirty Scottsdale website. He says he wasn’t too bad.

I think a young single guy should spend some of his evenings with beverages & bimbos. But now, the latest Ben is presented to us in his new get tough commercial that opens with the phrase “Barack Obama is the worst President in history.” Now, there is an advertising school of thought that it’s good to get your audience’s attention in the first few seconds, but it is kind of laughable that that sweeping indictment can be made about anyone after just two years in office. And then he really gets pumped and says he’s going to Washington to “knock the hell out of the place.” He did stop before promising to build the dang fence.

Ben – fire the director and just tell us why we should vote for you…ok?

I’m pat McMahon