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McMahon: Homogenized

“And so dearly beloved, it’s time to pronounce this couple husband and… husband”.

Wednesday a federal court said get ready to hear that more & more. The California ban against same-sex marriage was found to be unconstitutional. And if you’re one of those old-timers that doesn’t care what happens in California because it’s the land of nuts & fruits – not so fast. This decision will no doubt be appealed & eventually wind up in the Supreme Court, which could render a decision that would affect every state in the union. Now, that I think of it that’s what it’s about isn’t it?

The legal recognition of the union of two people. It’s a legal agreement – a contract. If you want a church involved that’s your business. But we already know how uneasy they get about gay marriage. Many churches are uncomfortable referring to religious music as hymns! I’ve heard it’s said that same-sex marriage will destroy heterosexual relationships. Not mine. There will always be homosexuals – there will always be a need for commitment. Matrimony will survive – except, of course, for Bristol Palin & Levi Johnson.

I’m Pat McMahon