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McMahon: Go slow Joe

Re-elect Sheriff Joe. Vote now and avoid the November rush – in 2012.

Yes, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has really taken the early voting concept to heart by purchasing all kinds of T.V. advertising time to remind us that we should vote, for him – in two years! There’s nothing like getting a jump on your opponent – even if you have no idea who your opponent will be in the election after this one.

Viewing the T.V. spot, however, it becomes clear who his political enemy is. Not someone who might eventually want to become sheriff – someday – but someone who wants to continue to be the county attorney, Rich Romley.

Romley is now and perhaps always has been the sheriff’s arch nemesis. If Romley is batman Arpaio is the joker. The bad blood is over the practice of law enforcement, funding and immigration. But Romley isn’t running against Arpaio and since Joe’s next race isn’t until 2012 maybe he’s just got a problem with premature inauguration.

I’m Pat McMahon